• FEUH-120 CNC Spindle Head
FEUH-120 CNC Spindle Head
  • Employs highly rigid radial bearing.
  • The spindle head employs the latest full circumference brake, featuring even braking force without runout. Maximum clamping area, higher clamping force, no vibration and no braking delay is required. High torque combined with compact, rigid and enclosed structure ensure high cutting quality.
  • The body is manufactured from rigidity aluminum with high durability of material and heavy load resistance.
  • The spindle head is excellent for machining aluminum molds and special angle drilling.
  • For details of various motor brands, contact the manufacturer.

 FEUH-120 CNC Spindle Head

Rated output torque N.m 500 500
Clamping method (Hydraulic) kg.m² 35 35
Clamping torque N.m 600 400
Clamping cutting force N 10000 16000
Rotating speed rpm 15 20
Range of swiveling angle deg. ±245 ±110
Teeth ratio / 1:270 1:120
Indexing accuracy sec. 20 20
Repeatability accuracy sec. 8 8
Unear scale; RENISHAW (Opt.) / RESA-115 RESA-150
Servo motor type(Recommended) FANUC α2i / ß4is α2i / ß4is
Mitsubishi HF-105S(T) HF-105S(T)
Minimum setting angle deg. 0.001 0.001
*The specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

Rated ower kW 10
Rated torque N.m 5.5
Max. speed rpm 30000
Volt V 350
Tool shank type / ISO30
Dimensional Drawings
FEUH-120 CNC Spindle Head FEUH-120 CNC Spindle Head