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Professional CNC Rotary Table Manufacturer

HSU PEN INTERNATIONAL PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. At HSU PEN, we have an outstanding R&D team who constantly developed various new products. Moreover, with our concepts of customer priority, quality assurance, specialized manufacturing as well as rigorous quality control, we are confident that each product from HSU PEN will fully meet customers' requirements.

HSU PEN, as a professional CNC rotary table manufacturer, not only spends great efforts in presenting a wide range of CNC rotary tables, Hydraulic Tooth Type Rotary Table and Rotary Type Tailstock, but also offers customers various woodworking machines, such as CNC Tenon Jointer, Continuous Dovetail Tenon & Mortise Jointer, Rectangular-tenon Jointer. Besides, we also produce carbon fiber immersing machine applied for production of carbon fiber tennis racket, carbon fiber bicycle frame and related composite material and carbon fiber products.

HSU PEN products have been sold to a wide range of countries, such as U.S.A., Mexico, Italy, Spain, Egypt, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, India, Iran and Pakistan, etc.